Audio and Acoustics Test Software

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The Audio and Acoustics Test Software includes templates and a modular architecture for performing audio and acoustic functional tests.

The Audio and Acoustics Test Software is a software add-on that includes ready-to-use test sequence templates and test IP that meet test coverage specifications. This add-on supports both analog and digital audio, so you can adapt to new requirements with an open and modular architecture. You can perform level and gain measurements, total harmonic distortion (THD) and THD plus noise (THD+N), signal-to-noise ratio, intermodulation distortion (IMD) measurements, crosstalk, level frequency sweeping, rub and buzz, impedance curve, as well as other tests to accelerate analog and digital audio device testing.

Feature Highlight: 

  • Ready-to-use test sequence templates for analog and digital audio tests
  • Open and modular architecture to support new requirements

Part Number(s): 788577-35

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