Terminal Block


Screw Terminal, PCB, PXI Module Isothermal Terminal Block—The TB-2605 includes a printed circuit board (PCB) with screw terminals. It features an isothermal construction to minimize the temperature gradients across the screw terminals and a high-accuracy thermistor cold-junction temperature sensor for measuring with thermocouples. You can directly connect the TB-2605 to the front panel I/O connectors of the PXI-2501 or PXI-2503 PXI Multiplexer Switch Modules. The front side of this terminal block features two additional connectors for connecting to the analog bus. You can use the included low-voltage AB plug to connect the analog bus of adjacent PXI Multiplexer Switch Modules. The TB-2605 helps you work with thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermistors, and voltage signals.