PXI Vector Network Analyzer

Life Cycle Status: Maintenance | Last Orderable Date: 12/30/20

PXIe, 8.5 GHz PXI Vector Network Analyzer—The PXIe‑5632 is a 2‑port vector network analyzer (VNA) for PXI Express with full S‑parameters and a wide frequency range. This module features a flexible dual-source architecture with frequency offset capability for measuring frequency translation devices and S‑parameters. With source access loops and a low-latency trigger, you can achieve pulsed S‑parameter measurements and measurements requiring an extended power range. The PXIe‑5632 supports automatic precision calibration, full vector analysis, and reference plane extensions, so it is an ideal vector network analysis solution for your validation and production operations without the high costs and large footprints associated with a traditional benchtop VNA.

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