Multifunction I/O Device

Life Cycle Status: Mature | Last Orderable Date: 3/30/22

4 AI (12-Bit, 10 MS/s/ch), 2 AO, 8 DIO, PCI Multifunction I/O Device—The PCI‑6115 is a simultaneous-sampling, multifunction DAQ device. It offers analog I/O, digital I/O, two 24‑bit counters, and digital triggering. The PCI‑6115 is ideal for a variety of applications, such as stimulus/response applications that require synchronization among analog input (AI), analog output (AO), and digital I/O. It is also ideal for 42 V automotive applications, radar, sonar, and ultrasound. The included NI‑DAQmx driver and configuration utility simplify configuration and measurements. The PCI‑6115 dimensions require chassis slots that can accommodate full-length PCI modules.

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