Quanser Rapid Control Prototyping Toolkit


The Quanser Rapid Control Prototyping Toolkit simplifies setup and interfacing of Quanser control experiments.
The Quanser Rapid Control Prototyping (QRCP) Toolkit is a software add-on that works with the LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module to support control design programming in LabVIEW. This add-on simplifies access to Quanser control experiments with support for standard low-level software and hardware configurations, including hardware interfacing, inter-controller communications, and porting control code between control hardware. The QRCP Toolkit targets myRIO Student Embedded Devices, CompactRIO Controllers, and Windows-based controllers with protocol-independent VIs that support TCP/IP, the user datagram protocol (UDP), shared memory, and RS232 serial communication.
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