VirtualBench Firmware Release Notes


Firmware Version 18.0.0

Windows application changes:

  • Fixed application crash when opening WiFi dialog—the VirtualBench device cannot recognize EAP-FAST (802.11r) networks and previously would crash the application when it detected one (IDs 635444, 702623). 
  • Fixed application crash when the host uses FIPS—previously the application would crash when the host required the use of FIPS-compliant hashing algorithms (ID 712620). 
  • Fixed application crash on launch—previously the application could crash on launch when it tried to report an internal error or warning to NI's telemetry server (ID 718317). 

Firmware Version 16.1.1

Windows application changes:

  • KRACK WiFi Security Vulnerability patch to address the security vulnerability that allows a potential attacker to execute a Key Reinstallation Attack ("KRACK"). This update is highly recommended to prevent unwanted access to user data. 

For detailed information, go to and enter KRACKWiFi2017Q4 for more information.      

Firmware Version 16.1.0

Windows application changes:

  • Support for new VirtualBench hardware: New hardware includes a 4 channel, 2 GS/s oscilloscope with 500 MHz bandwidth
  • DC Power Supply bug fixes
  • Improved signal representation
  • Several example arbitrary waveforms including AM and FM waveforms

Firmware Version 16.0.0

Windows application changes:

  • Added XY Mode: Plot one channel against another to aid in IV curve characterization and plotting Lissajous patterns.
  • Added Hands-Free Smart Capture: Allows for the automatic data capture of repeated stable waveforms on the oscilloscope. 
  • Added Measurement Indicators: View location indicators on the graph to better visualize where a measurement is being taken.

Firmware Version 15.2.1

This update is critical as it could potentially affect measurement accuracy.

  • Bug fixes to the DC Power Supply to improve accuracy
  • Added protection on the function generator from overvoltage conditions outside of specifications
  • Fan algorithm updated to ensure specification under a wider range of ambient temperatures. 

Firmware Version 15.2.0

Windows application changes:

  • Added Reference Waveforms: Save a captured waveform and recall it later. (VB-8012 and VB-8034)
  • Added Arb from File: Load an arbitrary waveform file (*.txt, *.csv) in the app to output on the function generator. (VB-8012 and VB-8034)
  • Added a Pulse Width Trigger for analog or digital signals. (VB-8012 and VB-8034)
  • Added additional FFT windowing options. (VB-8012 and VB-8034)
  • Added Digital Phosphor: Display many acquisitions simultaneously with a density map of voltage over time. (VB-8034)

Firmware Version 1.2.0

Windows application changes:

  • Added Monitor Mode: watch instruments automated in LabVIEW or C.
  • Added cursors for decoded buses.
  • Added 20 MHz bandwidth filter setting to MSO analog channels.
  • Added light theme.
  • Added Russian support.

Device API changes:

  • Fixed the function generator API to now return an error, rather than a warning, when you specify a combination of amplitude and offset that results in exceeding the +/- 12 V output range (ID 516309).

Firmware Version 1.1.2


Firmware Version 1.1.1

Windows application changes:

  • Added support for French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

Firmware Version 1.1.0

Windows application changes:

  • Added digital buses. Group mixed-signal oscilloscope digital channels into buses.
  • Added protocol analyzer. Decode SPI, I2C, and parallel protocols with the mixed-signal oscilloscope.
  • Added custom digital thresholds. Configure logic thresholds for mixed-signal oscilloscope digital channels.
  • Added division function to the mixed-signal oscilloscope math channel.
  • Fixed several documentation inaccuracies.
  • Fixed application crash when launched from Windows guest accounts (ID 478850).
  • Fixed application hang when resuming from sleep (ID 438124).
  • Fixed missing units, dB reference, and f0 in exported FFT data (ID 455787).
  • Stopped instruments when a screenshot or data is saved (ID 437632).
  • Added missing tooltips (ID 489543).
  • Fixed missing pulses at high frequencies and low duty cycles for square waves (ID 474534).
  • Fixed glitch when changing between square and sine waveforms (ID 460783).

Device API changes:

  • Added C API.
  • Added serial protocol mastering. Master SPI and I2C protocols with the digital I/O.
  • Added 20MHz Bandwidth limit filter. Remove unwanted high frequency noise from your signal.
  • Added PowerFreq and FGEN Start terminals to LabVIEW IO control (ID 425355).

Firmware Version 1.0.1f0

  • Added an FFT Math operation (Windows).
  • Fixed bug related to exporting data and screenshots. (ID 473341)
  • Fixed bug related to zooming on stopped data. (ID 469784)
  • Fixed bug related to the cursors overlapping the trigger position. (ID 461001)