What is ASAM ODS? 

What is ASAM ODS?

The ASAM ODS standard was created to simplify the universal interpretation of data acquired from testing, evaluation, and simulation applications. The popularity of the standard today can be attributed to the foundation it provides as a stable yet adaptable and extensible model applicable to a wide array of test and measurement applications with varying requirements.

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Learn about National Instruments ASAM ODS Solution

How Does NI's ASAM ODS Solution Work?

Read how technology from NI, including DataPlugins, TDM data model and DataFinder, combine to form a complete solution for your ASAM ODS needs. 

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The TDM+ data model

The TDM+ data model has been designed to extend ASAM ODS functionality by providing a custom-defined test hierarchy and an extendible unit catalog.

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Set Up Your ASAM ODS Server In 12 Steps

National Instruments has abstracted some of the complexity and details of the ASAM ODS standard-defined interfaces for data storage and retrieval and creating and maintaining an ASAM ODS database. 

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Reorganize Your Data and Hierarchy

You can make more decisions from your data when you have the flexibility to organize your data in a way that makes the most sense to you without programming. 

Learn how to reorganize your data view using DIAdem

Learn how to reorganize your data view using DataFinder Server Edition 2014

Navigate ASAM ODS with NI DIAdem

DIAdem is a powerful client to ASAM ODS data sources (both servers and transport files) and features a variety of additional tools to help manage, process, and report on data.

Learn more about using DIAdem to analyze ASAM ODS data

Use any ASAM ODS Client to Browse Data

After setting up an ASAM ODS Server, you can use any client to access and browse through your data. 

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