CompactRIO Single-Board Controller Module Compatibility


Many CompactRIO Single-Board Controllers, formerly named Single-Board RIO controllers, allow you to use C Series modules in your embedded design. This page lists the C Series modules that are compatible.


Selecting a CompactRIO Single-Board Controller

First, you'll need to use a Single-Board Controller that has a RIO Mezzanine Card connector. This connector allows you to bridge to the C Series modules. The following models contain this connector: sbRIO-9605, sbRIO-9606, sbRIO-9623, sbRIO-9626, sbRIO-9607, and sbRIO-9627.

Selecting a RIO Mezzanine Card

Next, you'll need a RIO Mezzanine Card that contains C Series slots. The NI 9697 and NI 9693 can both connect up to two C Series modules to the Single-Board Controller. NI recommends using the NI 9693 with the sbRIO-9605/9606 or the sbRIO-9623/9626 as the NI 9697 is not compatible with these products. If you are using the sbRIO-9607/9627/9629, use the NI 9697.

Selecting C Series Modules

In order to use a module with the Single-Board Controller, it must be board-only. These modules were previously denoted by an "E" at the end of their model numbers (e.g., 9201E). Modules in their enclosures will not fit in the Single-Board Controller, and removing a module from its enclosure voids the warranty and may invalidate certain certifications. NI does not recommend removing a module from its enclosure. The list below contains available board-only modules.

Board-Only Module List

Module Part Number
sbRIO-9201 Screw-Terminal 781113-01
sbRIO-9201 DSUB 781114-01
sbRIO-9205 784787-01
sbRIO-9207 781069-01
sbRIO-9208 780979-01
sbRIO-9211 780877-01
sbRIO-9213 781210-01
sbRIO-9215 Screw-Terminal 780878-01
sbRIO-9215 BNC 781029-01
sbRIO-9219 781027-01
sbRIO-9221 Spring-Terminal 781115-01
sbRIO-9221 DSUB 781116-01
sbRIO-9222 785479-01
sbRIO-9225 780588-01
sbRIO-9227 781118-01
sbRIO-9229 780874-01
sbRIO-9234 782718-01
sbRIO-9235 781579-01
sbRIO-9236 781580-01
sbRIO-9237 RJ-50 781028-01
sbRIO-9237 DSUB 781209-01
sbRIO-9239 780875-01
sbRIO-9263 780876-01
sbRIO-9264 781119-01
sbRIO-9265 780921-01
sbRIO-9269 781120-01
sbRIO-9375 781212-01
sbRIO-9401 782400-01
sbRIO-9403 780539-01
sbRIO-9425 783950-01
sbRIO-9476 783951-01
sbRIO-9481 780538-01
sbRIO-9482 783000-01
sbRIO-9853 780923-01
sbRIO-9862 785963-01
sbRIO-9866 785965-01
sbRIO-9870 780922-01
sbRIO-9871 780879-01
sbRIO-9881 785966-01
sbRIO-9882 785964-01