PXI FlexRIO Coprocessor Module


KU035 FPGA, x8 Gen 3 PXI Coprocessor Module—The PXIe-7911 provides a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA that you can program with LabVIEW or Xilinx Vivado to add signal-processing capabilities to PXI Express systems. Using the x8 Gen 3 PCI Express architecture and peer-to-peer streaming, PXI FlexRIO Coprocessor Modules can stream data to and from other modules in a PXI chassis at up to 7 GB/s without a host controller. You can pair these modules with another PXI instrument, such as a PXI Vector Signal Transceiver, to add functionality, such as running complex algorithms in real-time. The PXIe-7911 KU035 FPGA is ideal for applications that require a moderate amount of signal processing.