PXI Sound and Vibration Module


102.4 kS/s, 0.5 Hz AC/DC-Coupled, 8-Input PXI Sound and Vibration Module—The PXI‑4472B is optimized for vibration and low-frequency AC measurements. Input channels incorporate integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) signal conditioning for accelerometers and microphones, and built-in antialiasing filters that automatically adjust to your sample rate. The eight PXI‑4472B input channels simultaneously digitize input signals. The PXI‑4472B features a cut-off frequency of only 0.5 Hz when the device is AC-coupled for very low-frequency AC vibration measurements. You can synchronize multiple PXI‑4472B modules with each other for high‑channel‑count applications, or with other devices using the RTSI bus.