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Four NI employees share life and career advice.

We continue our focus on the next wave of engineers by showcasing our own mix of unique and talented personalities. NI is proud of our people and the incredible work they do, so we thought now was a perfect time to introduce you to a few of our best and brightest. We asked them a few serious (and fun) questions—here’s how they answered:


Deborah Green, Principal Executive Assistant to NI CEO, Eric Starkloff
What’s inspiring you in life right now?

The elevation of voices for humanity.

Deborah Green, Principal Executive Assistant to NI CEO, Eric Starkloff

Deborah Green

Veronica Jordan-Matlock, Principal IT Commodity Manager
Who has been the biggest role model for you in your career?

One of the biggest role models for me in my career has been a good friend of mine, Yolanda Conyers. She is the chief diversity officer and president of the Lenovo Foundation, an engineer, a best-selling author, wife, mother, friend, and she still has time to serve her community. She has inspired me in so many ways to continue reaching for my goals—even when you fail or when roadblocks are placed before you.

Veronica Jordan-Matlock, Principal IT Commodity Manager, NI

Veronica Jordan-Matlock


Samantha Hsieh, Culture and Engagement Specialist
What’s the secret to boosting morale and engaging with employees?

I think we have to all find opportunities to laugh. This time is unprecedented, and it’s easy to get lost in the negativity of daily life. I’ve discovered that if you can find one thing that’s totally ridiculous to laugh at each day, it really helps ease that tension.

Samantha Hsieh, Culture and Engagement Specialist, NI

Samantha Hsieh


Joseph Sanchez, Staff PCB Designer
When you work for a “tech company,” everyone automatically assumes you’re a nerd. What’s the nerdiest thing you do?

​​​​​​Oof! Well, if we’re just out here exposing me, I would say maybe playing Magic the Gathering. I can’t help but love it. Wizards, dragons, elves—what's not to love? Before I left [for deployment], I had a lunchtime play group every Tuesday with some other rad colleagues.

Joseph Sanchez, Staff PCB Designer, NI

Joseph Sanchez


Maria Beltran, Facilities Manager
What’s one, seemingly small decision you’ve made that’s ended up having a significant impact on your life?

Self-care! I’m a stress-er by nature, so I chose to quit stressing about the things I could not control and focus on balancing work and home life. It’s hard but necessary on so many levels. I’m a work in progress!

Maria Beltran, Facilities Manager, NI

Maria Beltran


Corey Johnson, Security
What’s your secret to daily happiness?

​​​​​​​My secret to happiness is love and humor. I love people. I got that from my parents and made it my own. I love to laugh and make others laugh also.

Corey Johnson, Security, NI

Corey Johnson


Oscar Fonseca, Staff Systems R&D Engineer
Share an example of something that gives you energy and motivates you at work.

There’s no better feeling than when the code compiles and runs as expected! Furthermore, I enjoy planning feature developments and sharing knowledge.

Oscar Fonseca


Travis Escoffery, Marketing Communications Professional
What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

It's always better to find a way to show someone an idea rather than tell them.

Travis Escoffery, Marketing Communications Professional, NI

Travis Escoffery


Claire Clark, Product Support Engineer
What’s the worst career advice you’ve ever received?

My dad told me that I needed to take a job in the middle of Nowhere, Texas—one that would require me to work outside in the heat just because it paid better. He said it would help set the pace for my career. Instead, I chose an environment that's better for my mental health, and I'm much happier now for it.

Claire Clark, Product Support Engineer, NI

Claire Clark


Knox Hall, Staff Integration Specialist
What’s your favorite thing about your current role at NI and why?

I get to work with a lot of people and help their teams be successful. Sometimes I look at a full rack that I procured all the parts for and feel like a proud mama!

Knox Hall, Staff Integration Specialist, NI

Knox Hall


Tim Krenz, University Relations Manager
What’s the best question a potential candidate can ask during a job interview?

Hmm. I love unique questions about our customers and the sectors we operate in because this typically means a candidate did their research. I also love questions about my personal experience at NI—why I joined, what I like or dislike, where I see my career at NI going, and so on.

Tim Krenz, University Relations Manager, NI

Tim Krenz