PXIe-5413/5423/5433 Minimum On Time Specification


The PXIe-5413, PXIe-5423, PXIe-5433 replaces the "Duty Cycle" spec with a "Minimum on/off time" spec.


For these specific products, the generation engine is designed in such a way that the minimum on time is constant, but the max/min duty cycle changes with frequency. Figure 1 shows three signals that have an on time of 8.25nS. Since the three signals have different frequencies, there is a different minimum duty cycle for each dependant on the minimum on time spec. The 30 MHz signal can have a duty cycle as low as 24.75%, but the 40 MHz signal can only have duty cycles 33% or greater without violating the minimum on time spec. 

Figure 1. 

Example Specifications

An example of how this value is displayed in the Specifications of the PXIe-5433 compared to the PXI-5404 can be found below:




Calculating Duty Cycle

Minimum Duty Cycle =  (100% x Minimum On Time)/T_period

Maximum Duty Cycle = 100% - Minimum Duty Cycle 


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