Measuring Wafer-Level Reliability Course

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The Measuring Wafer-Level Reliability Course covers the basics of measuring reliability of semiconductor wafers with the Wafer Level Reliability Test Software.

The Measuring Wafer-Level Reliability Course introduces you to wafer-level reliability (WLR) testing as well as how to integrate hardware such as PXI Source Measure Units (SMUs) and your devices under test (DUTs) with the WLR Test Software. This course helps you understand how to use the WLR Test Software to perform 2-terminal and 4-terminal stress tests and parametric sweeps to measure the reliability of semiconductor wafers. You will become familiar with compensating SMUs before performing WLR tests and mapping SMU channels to the DUT. Additionally, the course teaches you how to perform time-dependent gate oxide breakdown (TDDB) and bias temperature instability/hot carrier injection (BTI/HCI) tests. You also will learn how to troubleshoot common problems that arise with system configuration, system operation, and test execution. The Measuring Wafer-Level Reliability Course is recommended for test engineers who need a turnkey software solution for testing the reliability of their semiconductor wafers.

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