Uninstall NI Software or Drivers Using Package Manager


This article explains how to uninstall and reinstall software or drivers through Package Manager (NIPM). This could be helpful if one or more of your NI software, ex: application development environments (ADEs), toolkits, modules, or drivers, are not functioning correctly.


Note: If you are using the NI Uninstaller, please use this article instead. If you are unsure, please continue below and review at step 2.

  1. Ensure that any NI software products are closed.
  2. Launch NI Package Manager from the Start Menu.
    If you are unable to find the Package Manager on your machine, please use this article instead.
  3. Select the Installed tab.

  4. Check Products Only to display only NI product packages. Enable the checkbox next to the software you want to uninstall. Click Remove.

  5. The NI Package Manager installer launches. It may list any dependencies of the software you are removing. It will prompt you to agree to remove any necessary dependencies, or to cancel the uninstallation. Select Allow Removal to proceed. 
  1. Review the list of software that will be removed. Click Next to start the uninstallation process.

  2. Once the selected software has been uninstalled, click Close to exit Package Manager.

: To reinstall the software, refer to Installing, Updating, Repairing, and Removing NI Software.  

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