Software Support for NI ELVIS, myRIO, and myDAQ


This document describes the range of software versions required for the NI myDAQ, NI myRIO and NI ELVIS devices and links to the most recent documentation resources available at for each device. Reference this information to ensure you install the correct version when you're getting started, upgrading or updating your system, or when migrating or porting code to a new system. Using incompatible versions may result in errors, the inability for Windows to recognize or detect and then find a driver for your device, or missing devices in Windows Device Manager or NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).

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Minimum Software Support

Software CompactRIO (FPGA Interface) NI-ELVISmx NI-DAQmx
LabVIEW FPGA Module      
LabVIEW Real-Time Module      
Device Driver Software      
Other Minimum Software      


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