NI MAX and NI System Configuration Bug Fixes


A list by version of the bug fixes for NI System Configuration and Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).

NI MAX and NI System Configuration 20.0 and later

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NI MAX and NI System Configuration 19.5
Bug ID Description
466792 NI MAX will not populate the Systems Settings or other windows if certain security settings such as "Use FIPS-compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing." are enabled.
741958 Troubleshooting Remote System Discovery incorrectly reports the Minimum Required Driver Version in certain scenarios.
743358 NI MAX Technical Support Reports for PXI Linux Real-Time targets do not list software at the top of the report.


NI MAX and NI System Configuration 19.0
Bug ID Description
609380 NI System Configuration installer does not include header files on Linux.
674572 On Linux RT devices, target discovery can cause the calling process to crash when a large number of NI discoverable devices are present on the network
705625 NI System Configuration SerialPortBinding property is not exposed publicly.
705762 NI System Configuration Help does not describe Slot Number and Number of Slots properties accurately for NI Serial devices
709580 NI System Configuration and CVI define CVITime, CVIAbsoluteTime, and CVITimeInterval differently.
714415 When interacting with a PharLap Real-Time device using the System Configuration API, the API will hang if the system has a network adapter set to DHCP Only that does not obtain an IP address.
722351 Loading NI System Configuration before loading a LabVIEW-built shared library on Linux can cause the application to hang.


NI MAX and NI System Configuration 18.5
Bug ID Description
592086 The Troubleshoot Remote System Discovery tool could get stuck while checking firewall status on Windows Server systems.
695268 Device properties could incorrectly be stuck with a Loading... status when displayed within a table in NI MAX.
703021 When using System Configuration 18.1 on Linux Desktop Operating Systems, the NISysCfgGetStatusDescription function will always return error -2147220616.


NI MAX and NI System Configuration 18.0
Bug ID Description
588580 When logging to *.txt or *.csv files from NI I/O Trace, commands sent with the GPIB Interactive Control are not logged.
600347 NI MAX crashes upon exit when installed on systems configured using the Secure Host Baseline.
663483 Closing the Overwritten Resource handle returned by NISysCfgRenameResource could invalidate existing handles to the same resource.
672801 System Configuration .NET API takes disproportionate amount of time when querying temperature or power sensors compared to the LabVIEW API.
678951 Running the Initialize Session VI installed with System Configuration 17.5 on any system with System Configuration 17.0 or older installed throws Error 15. The error is thrown because the entry point called by the 17.5 version of the Initialize Session VI does not exist in versions of System Configuration prior to 17.5.
684770 NI MAX will crash when updating device firmware if multiple NI MAX windows are open at the same time.


NI MAX and NI System Configuration 17.5
Bug ID Description
671438 The Troubleshooting Remote System Discovery Wizard generates Error 1 on the "Searching for Remote Systems.." page when there are no targets to discover on the host's subnet
631693 Calling the System Configuration API from more than one version of the LabVIEW Run-time Engine in the same process (i.e. two LabVIEW built DLLs each built with different versions of LabVIEW) throws error -2147024809
648214 When setting an invalid property and calling the Save Changes VI subsequent reads of that property will return the value for the invalid property
647093 Capturing API calls in NI I/O Trace 17.0 that pass strings in excess of 512 bytes in certain cases and in excess of 1024 bytes in other cases causes NI I/O Trace to crash when the "Buffer Limit per Parameter" setting is set to "Large Buffer (Maximum size: 64k bytes)"

NI MAX and NI System Configuration 17.0
Bug ID Description
NI MAX can crash when generating a Technical Support Report using the MAX Report Wizard
602638 Using the Set Time VI to set the system time to some value in the past causes the System Resources:CPU and System Resources:Memory properties to stop updating

NI MAX and NI System Configuration 16.0.1
Bug ID Description
598531 MAX displays "Inconsistent IP Settings" for Ethernet devices and fails to display local network adapter properties


NI MAX and NI System Configuration 16.0
Bug ID Description
571032 Set System Image VI on Linux targets ignores blacklisting /c/ni-rt/ directory
571305 NI System Configuration times out when deploying firmware to Linux RT targets over slow or congested networks


NI MAX and NI System Configuration 15.3
Bug ID Description
548277 Crash when generating a report from MAX or NI System Configuration
555813 Cannot use MAX to set Ethernet speed/duplex on a cRIO-9075 in safe mode

NI MAX and NI System Configuration 15.0

Bug ID Description
MAX Crash when Exiting Improvements
MAX cannot access cRIO-9068 when Get System Configuration permission is removed from 'Everyone' account
432627 LabVIEW crashes if NI System Configuration tries to access a resource whose session has been closed
481688 Using the same NI System Configuration session to set firmware and then get firmware revision yields old firmware revision
515443 LabVIEW and CVI hang when cancelling out of the MAX Export Wizard dialog while trying to include hardware configuration in installer
520904 Real Time target cannot use NI System Configuration to reboot itself when both network ports are set to DHCP only and fails to obtain an IP address
286118 No method to programmatically remove unused devices using NI System Configuration
517508 [Mac] LabVIEW crashes when running NI System Configuration Initialize while connected to an SSL VPN
525827 [Mac] LabVIEW crashes when calling NI System Configuration Find with many RT targets on the subnet
512636 [Mac] SIGPIPE causes break in debugging when using NI System Configuration
NI MAX and NI System Configuration 14.5
Bug ID Description
436935 NI MAX may time out when installing software to a real-time target
476601 Running more than one Initialize Session VI in parallel does not improve, and may worsen, performance
477603 NI MAX must be launched with elevated permissions to include ni_services.txt in a Technical Support Report
487300 Formatting and installing software to a real-time target using Windows 8.1 resets the target's name to default
489122 NI 5652 appears outside of the composite device in MAX
493083 NI System Configuration may time out when deploying images to NI Linux Real-Time controllers, especially if the batch size is large or the network speed is slow
501410 On Mac OS X, a GPIB Instrument will still be listed in MAX after its GPIB Interface has been deleted until after a refresh
501671 On Mac OS X, NI MAX does not display the IP address for networked GPIB devices
504440 On Mac OS X, MAX crashes when a device alias is set to an empty string
504876 The Find Hardware VI fails, but does not return an error, if there is whitespace in the Experts string input

NI MAX and NI System Configuration 14.0.1
Bug ID Description
485566 Unable to get or set real-time system image with only the NI System Configuration Run-Time Engine installed
378032 Error -229771 during task creation when running from a LabVIEW project on a standalone cDAQ

NI MAX and NI System Configuration 14.0
Bug ID Description
378032 myRIO Controller may not be discoverable on machine with many items in the domain search list
411446 System Configuration Restart VI will return a timeout error if IP Address of myRIO changes during reboot
429747 Using the Initialize Session VI and Close VI causes a memory leak on real-time targets
440909 There isn't an easy way to get installed version of NI System Configuration at run time
444564 The Set Time VI takes 4 seconds to execute on VxWorks targets if you are setting the time zone
451186 MAX occassionally returns an exception when you delete disconnected systems
459002 Installing NI-DAQmx or NI-VISA reinstalls an underlying System Configuration component, which causes the Create System Image VI to fail when called
470007 Error -2147467259 when executing Get Installed Software VI on an NI cRIO-9082

NI MAX and NI System Configuration 5.5.1
Bug ID Description
426475 For an NI Linux RT target in run mode, acquiring an image fails when a blacklist is applied
420317 On a WES7 host, restarting a simulated cDAQ-918x/919x restarts the host
425834 On a real-time target, a System Session for "localhost" returns as the IP address instead of the IP of the real-time target
428758 On a VxWorks target, the System Configuration API returns different values for FirmwareRev depending on how it is queried
416155 MAX Crashes on exit

NI MAX and NI System Configuration 5.5
Bug ID Description
386836 NI Web-based Configuration & Monitoring must be installed on a CompactRIO target to set the time using the Set Time VI
386369 NI-RIO PXI devices show up twice in NI MAX
376181 NI MAX crashes when expanding Devices and Interfaces
375934 Using the Calibration Audit example displays an error for devices that do not support self-calibration
377695 The Hostname and Supports Locking properties display error -2147220364 when called on a VxWorks target
362611 Basic system monitoring capabilities are now installed with the core component of System Configuration. NI System Configuration Remote Support is no longer required for this functionality
406312 Locally restarting a cRIO-9074 with NI System Configuration 5.4 installed returns an error

NI MAX and NI System Configuration 5.4
Bug ID Description
378644 The Get System Experts VI affects performance and determinism on a VxWorks target with NI-RIO installed
The Set System Image VI hangs when applying an image taken from a target that didn't have an IP address
Logging in and out in NI Web-based Configuration & Monitoring does not change ability to modify properties on the Hardware Configuration page
The Set System Image VI returns an error when deploying an image created by the Real-Time VIs

NI System Configuration 5.3.3
Bug ID Description
372718 "The display information of the device was not valid" error when parsing XML files in Web Interface in non-English languages
Set System Image Returns Error -2147220327 when deploying image created by RT VIs

NI System Configuration 5.3.2
Bug ID Description
282710 Adding network cDAQ device with old firmware to MAX might crash MAX
303218 LabVIEW Real-Time Software Wizard may time out while waiting for a target to reboot on a Windows XP system with multiple NICs
309247 Startup Application Components Always Install All Dependencies Even if They Are Already Present
342677 Creating MAX technical report from command line crashes MAX
320803 MAX hangs when Create New while expanding Devices and Interfaces
381024 Property FreePhysMem doesn't work properly when executed on RT Target

NI System Configuration 5.3
Bug ID Description
345556 Uninstall not rebooting into safe mode after uninstalling
337828 Get System returns error -2147220322 when a directory path contains '#'
309348 Get System does not properly apply secondary NIC settings
308775 NISysCfg always returns "NISysCfg_PropMismatch" error when querying "NISysCfgResourcePropertyNumberOfExperts"
308070 returns wrong system when specifying only IP address
297732 NISysCfg installer doesn't install C API unless CVI support is selected

NI System Configuration 5.1
Bug ID Description
312842 Get Installed on localhost does not work on 64-bit
310779 Get Installed opens broken in LabVIEW 8.6.1
317294 Set System Image (File).vi returns an immediate error when called after Restart

NI System Configuration 5.0
Bug ID Description
237136 Internal and External Calibration properties incorrectly returns an error for some devices
247626 Get System fails when run on one Real-Time target trying to obtain the image of another Real-Time target.
254429 Set System will fail if the image contains a .aliases file
255826 Get System does not obtain files in hidden folders and files related to authentication from RT targets
284269 Certain MAC Address formats will cause the Initialize VI to initialize the wrong target
292788 Get System  cannot obtain zero byte files

NI System Configuration 1.2
Bug ID Description
235091 Initialize (String).vi returns error if ' : ' is used
239254 System Configuration VIs are not re-entrant
240178 Filtering system names dialog box is broken in French versions
251617 VxWorks targets return an error when calling Get Installed on itself

NI System Configuration 1.1.3
Bug ID Description
245018 System Hardware and Filter property nodes return errors on German and French OS
245620 Cannot call if only "NI System Configuration" is installed on RT target via RSS

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