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The RFIC Test Software helps you simplify the characterization of wideband RF power amplifiers (PAs) and front-end modules (FEMs).

RFIC Test Software is application software that helps you bring-up, validate, and characterize wideband LTE, 5G NR, and Wi-Fi power amplifiers and front-end modules. This application integrates precision DC, digital, analog, and RF instrumentation for synchronized test bench control of interactive and automated validation of RF front ends. You can measure and record AM/AM, AM/PM, gain, ACLR, EVM, PAE, and more with and without various types of digital predistortion (DPD)�including dual-band or custom algorithms. RFIC Test Software helps you perform power, frequency, and output load sweeps without writing any code; run accurate dynamic measurements with an integrated interface for MIPI RFFE, SPI or other digital protocols; and measure ultra-low EVM for Wi-Fi 7 and 5G NR modulation schemes with patented cross-correlation algorithms.

Part Number(s): 787917-35

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