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DAnS helps you view, analyze, and report logged data with LabVIEW.

DAnS, also known as Data Analysis Software, is a software add-on for LabVIEW that you can use to perform offline analysis of logged data and report generation. With this add-on, you can select and view data channels from Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) and Microsoft Excel files. You can view logged data and perform both multipoint and single-point measurements. DAnS supports report generation in Excel, Microsoft Word, and PDF formats. You can edit the report settings to include images of graphs for multipoint calculations or a list for single-point calculations. The add-on includes an embedded calculator that you can use to create user-defined equations and apply them to selected data. DAnS includes more than 60 different types of analyses and measurements to apply to the data.

Part Number(s): 783656-35

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