LabVIEW Communications LTE Application Framework

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The LabVIEW Communications LTE Application Framework offers a modifiable real-time LTE PHY and MAC layer IP that supports both TDD and FDD transmission modes.

The LabVIEW Communications LTE Application Framework is a software add-on that provides a real-time physical layer LTE implementation in open and modifiable source-code form. The framework complies with a selected subset of the 3GPP LTE Release 10. This compliance allows wireless researchers to quickly get their real-time prototyping setup running based on the LTE standard, focus on the aspects of the protocol that they wish to improve, modify the designs, and then compare their changes with the existing standard. The LabVIEW Communications LTE Application Framework requires the LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite.

Part Number(s): 783837-35

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