Comparison of NI Perpetual and Subscription Software Licenses


This article explains the difference in a perpetual license and software subscription when using NI software like LabVIEW.


Whether you use our software with a perpetual or subscription license, NI strives to provide tools that help you do more, innovate faster and easily integrate new technologies.

Perpetual Software

National Instruments believes in being a partner in your success.  As such, a majority of our application software is sold with a perpetual license.  A perpetual license means that the version of the software you purchase will never stop working.  Even if you do not subscribe to our software service programs your software will continue to operate with the version you have installed now.

Subscription Software

At NI, we understand that in some situations our software is the best choice for a limited time project or maybe your company wants to reduce the overall cost of ownership.  In these cases, we offer application software as a subscription.  Subscription software includes the same convenient benefits of our perpetual software, only the functionality expires after one year.  You must renew your subscription to keep working in the software.  When you renew your subscription, you will not only be able to keep working; but also, receive any new software updates released.