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Analyzing a Diode

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

Complete the following steps to run current-voltage (IV) analyses for a diode:

  1. Launch the IV Analyzer Soft Front Panel (SFP).
  2. Confirm that Diode is selected under Analyzer mode.
  3. Connect a diode to the IV ANALYZER terminals on the NI ELVIS III. Attach its anode to DUT+ and its cathode to DUT-. This is shown in the Connections diagram under Analyzer & hardware on the SFP.
  4. Adjust the parameters as desired.
  5. Click the Run button.
  6. Use the cursors to take measurements.

    You may hear clicking sounds from the NI ELVIS III while operating the SFP. This is expected behavior and is due to the switching of internal relays.

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