Replicating Orcad & PSpice Behaviour in NI Multisim


This page provides a quick lookup table on how to replicate former Orcad & PSpice behavior in NI Multisim. By providing an integrated capture and simulation environment, NI Multisim streamlines the design of circuits, while still providing powerful analysis capabilities. This guide is intended as a quick lookup table, and is by no means complete as to the various methods of performing tasks in NI Multisim.

Replicating Orcad & PSpice Behavior in NI Multisim


Function Pspice Multisim Shortcut Key
Placing Components


Draw > Get New Part


Place > Component or

Select from In-Use list or

Select from Component Toolbar


Changing Component Values


Double-click on component. Select the Value attribute. Change the value field.



Double-click on component to invoke Value tab or

Change component values in bulk through the Spreadsheet View (Component tab)


Changing RefDes Values


Double-click on refdes and change its value.



Double-click on Component and navigate to Label tab or

Component tab of Spreadsheet View or

Tools > Rename/Renumber Parts




Place > Wire



Click on Symbol pins to automatically form connections or

Drop RLCs over wires to form automation connections or

Touch-and-drag symbol pins to automatically form wires


Interactive Simulation





Click on the Play button or

Simulate > Run


Setting Up Analyses


Use SPICE commands



Simulate > Analyses

Select appropriate analysis type

Configure the dialog appropriately


Graphing Output


Click on Add Trace after you have ran the SPICE command for the analysis



Graph automatically produced based on output variables


Adding Expressions as Output Variables


Add expression when adding traces to graph



In Output tab of selected analysis, select Add Expression




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