NI ELVIS II Plug-In Board Module Development Kit


The NI ELVIS II Plug-In Module Development Kit enables users to develop custom plug-in boards for use with the NI ELVIS II hardware platform to meet the unique needs and applications. This document details will detail an overview of the development resources and allow for download supporting files.

The NI ELVIS II Plug-In Module Development Kit contains all the necessary information to enable the user to develop a custom plug-in board for the NI ELVIS II design and prototyping platform. This kit contains specifications, pinout information, and mechanical drawings.

NI ELVIS II Plug-In Module Development Kit:

NI ELVIS II Prototyping Board Pinouts

This document provides a description of the NI ELVIS II pinouts and signals. 

See Downloads in the right sidebar, elvis3_prototypboard_pins.pdf

NI ELVIS II Prototyping Board Dimensions

This document provides the mechanical dimensions of the plug-in board board.

See Downloads in the right sidebar: elvis3_prototypboard_model.pdf

NI ELVIS II Electrical Interface

This document provides the NI ELVIS II specification and electrical characteristics of the platform.

Download NI ELVIS II Specifications.


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