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Archived: PCMCIA-FBUS Series 2 Card Update Utility

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The PCMCIA-FBUS Series 2 card (rev A) has a problem of inaccurate timing, the PCMCIA-FBUS Series 2 Card Update Utility can solve this problem.

Inaccurate Timing Issue of PCMCIA-FBUS Series 2 card

When you use PCMCIA-FBUS Series 2 card (rev A) as Link Master and Time Master of the H1 segment, if you connect this segment to NI-FBUS Monitor, you will find the interval between TM (Time Distribution) packets has a slight jitter (about 4%); for example, the interval between two TM packets should be 5 seconds, but if you measure the time-stamp of these two packets from Monitor software, you will find the interval is about 5.2 seconds.

The problem is caused by improper flash ROM settings of the PCMCIA-FBUS Series 2 (rev A) card, which can generate a 4% deviation on clock separation.

PCMCIA-FBUS Series 2 Update Utility

The NI PCMCIA-FBUS Series 2 Card Update Utility is developed to solve this problem thoroughly. You can simply refer to the README file and run the utility in your laptop to update the flash ROM settings of PCMCIA-FBUS Series 2 card.

Please click here to download the Update Utility.

If you have any question about this utility, please contact "".