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250 Vrms L-N, 400 Vrms L-L, 50 kS/s/ch, 24-Bit, 3-Phase C Series Voltage Input Module

The NI‑9242 performs single-ended analog input. The wide measurement range makes it ideal for high-voltage measurement applications such as phasor measurements, power metering, power quality monitoring, standard potential transformers, and motor test. You can also perform transient and harmonic analysis with high-speed simultaneous sampling. The NI‑9242 offers three channels, so you can connect single‑ or three‑phase measurement configurations such as WYE and delta. You can incorporate the NI‑9242 into systems to meet standards such as IEC 61010‑1, C37.90 and C37.60, IEC 60255‑22‑(1:7), IEC 60255‑1, C37.188 Class M and P, EMC section of IEC 60870, EMC sections of IEC 61850, IEC 61000‑4‑30 Class S, and IEC 61000‑4‑7.

Part Number(s): 783107-01 |

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