HIL and Real-​Time Test Software Suite

The HIL and Real-​Time Test Software Suite is a collection of software for validating embedded software and running model-​based physical tests.

The HIL and Real-​Time Test Software Suite combines the LabVIEW integrated development environment (IDE) with application software and modules to create real-​time test applications. With this suite, you can develop simulation models and control algorithms and deploy them to real-​time hardware. You also can ensure that your test system is flexible enough to meet nearly any application requirement by adding custom functionality and can perform high-​speed simulation and processing on NI reconfigurable I/​O hardware.


  • LabVIEW​专业​版​开发​系统
  • LabVIEW​高级​信号​处理​工具包
  • VeriStand​完整​版​开发​系统
  • LabVIEW Real-​Time​模块
  • LabVIEW FPGA​模块
  • LabVIEW​控制​设计​与​仿真​模块
  • LabVIEW​状态​图​模块
  • 相关​NI​设备​驱动​程序
  • 一年​期​NI​培训​和​认证​会员​资格​(购买​永久​许可​证​可​享受​该​权益)


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