What Is SystemLink™ Software?

SystemLink software improves operational efficiency and provides engineering insights for engineering teams managing tasks such as software deployment, device configuration, health and test monitoring, and data management and visualization.

Improve Operational Efficiency, Gain Engineering Insights

SystemLink is systems and data management server software that helps your team save hours setting up and managing test systems and searching for data needed for analysis. With a centralized web-based management interface for connected devices, software, and data, your team can update test system software, view system health information, and search for data with a few button clicks. With test and measurement data at their fingertips, teams can analyze even more findings to gain better insights and make effective decisions faster. SystemLink provides out-of-the-box support for NI products like LabVIEW, TestStand, PXI, and CompactRIO along with an open architecture for incorporating a wide range of third-party software and instrumentation.

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent Automation—Improve operational efficiency with remote management of systems and scheduled data processing.


  • Situational Awareness—Gain a better understanding of your test operations with interactive dashboards, configurable alarms, and extensible reports.
  • Root-Cause Analysis—Accelerate root-cause identification with engineering-centric user interfaces and analysis tools to find meaningful patterns and correlations.


  • Traceability—Increase audit compliance with automated record-keeping of system status and test data, as well as users associated with key events.

SystemLink Products

Reach the full power of SystemLink when you use the SystemLink Server and modules.