Ensure that Your Device Conforms to NFC Standards

Test engineers need to ensure that their product’s NFC interface conforms with international standards (EMVCo, NFC Forum, ISO 10373-6) to ensure interoperability with other NFC-equipped devices. However, NFC conformance testing is heavy and time-consuming because test procedures continue to grow in complexity, and NFC-defining standards are rapidly increasing.


An effective solution to these challenges must meet the following requirements:


  • Turnkey (hardware + software + accessories); performs the required tests without requiring additional code
  • Certified by the relevant standardization groups to ensure test-case quality
  • Highly automated so that the engineer can focus on value-added tasks
  • Incorporates the latest standard version used at the official certification laboratories for official conformance test
  • Provides a clear, detailed PASS/FAIL verdict to avoid test-procedure and target-result misinterpretation

NI Contactless Test Station 2

  • All-in-one tester embeds all automated conformance testing signal generation, acquisition, and amplification in one enclosure
  • Turnkey solution contains hardware, software, a DUT-positioning robot, and the necessary test-standard accessories
  • NI off-the-shelf software ensures adequate test condition, signal acquisition, and result processing
  • Meets the main NFC standards: EMVCo L1, NFC Forum, ISO 10373-6, and ISO 10373-7

Solution Advantages

“[The Contactless Test Station 2] saves us considerable time and cost, and ensures that we are truly on top of the latest certification requirements.”

-Gavin Lennox, CEO, Invenco


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NIs Contactless Test Station 2 Solution Brochure

Learn more about the Contactless Test Station 2 by downloading the solution brochure.