mmWave Test with STS Course

mmWave Test with STS Course 將​涵​蓋 STS mmWave 子​系統​元件、​功能、​用途​介紹 。

mmWave Test with STS Course 涵​蓋​透過 mmWave NI 半導體​測試​系統 (STS) 開發​與​執行 mmWave 積體電路 (IC) 測試​的​基本​原理。​您​將​透過​此​課程​學習​如何​使用 STS 建立 mmWave 波形、​打造 mmWave IC 測試​程式。​課程​亦​含​如何​驗證​受​測​裝置​(DUT) 的 mmWave 作業。​此外,​您​可​探索 mmWave 儀器 API。​在​參與 mmWave Test with STS Course 前​需​具備​下列​相關​經驗:​Test Program Development with STS Course、​Test Code Module Development with STS Course、​半導體​測試​策略​和​方法​的​基本​原理。

Your purchase of the mmWave Test with STS (.NET/​C#) course also provides access to the RF IC Test with STS (.NET/​C#) course. Go to that course to learn how to generate waveforms for testing different wireless standards and create test programs for DUTs using configurable RF test steps in TestStand.


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