C Series Universal Analog Input Module

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​ ​Provides analog input channels for voltage, current, temperature, and strain measurements in CompactDAQ or CompactRIO systems.

The C Series Universal Analog Input Module helps you perform multi-​purpose measurements. This module includes built-​in support for accelerometer, powered sensor, full-​bridge, and voltage measurements as well as quarter-​bridge, half-​bridge, 60 V, and current measurements using measurement-​specific adapters. You also can choose options to measure signals from sensors such as strain gages, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, load cells, and other powered sensors.The C Series Universal Analog Input Module includes the NI-​DAQmx driver and configuration utility that simplify configuration and measurements. NI-​DAQmx supports NI programming environments as well as Python, ANSI C, C#.NET, and MathWorks MATLAB® software.