Mixed Signal IC Validation

An engineer in a white coat and gloves inspects an integrated circuit board in a modern lab.

Boost DC-DC Converter Efficiency

See how the NI PXI system for DC-DC converter measurements can transform your power management strategies. Learn about the critical roles of precision, power, and speed in testing, and gain insight to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your PMIC channels.

Modern Lab Approaches Drive Efficiency

Industry leaders are adopting modern lab approaches to help reduce costs and accelerate time to market. A standardized measurement framework can enable measurement IP reuse and unlock powerful engineering workflows across lab roles—from interactive bring-up and debug to automated validation and characterization. NI’s mixed-signal measurement solutions are configurable software add-ons that can be used across these interactive and automated workflows for some of the most frequent validation tasks, such as device control or configurable measurement suites for specific DUT types.

A pair of semiconductor engineers validate mixed signal ICs in a modern lab


Semiconductor Device Control

Expedite first-silicon bring-up, debug, validation, and characterization with this powerful combination of application software and digital instrumentation. Quickly perform digital I/O operations and register reads/writes using standard digital protocols, such as I3C, I²C, SPI, RFFE, or custom protocols. Export your configuration settings for simplified automation in LabVIEW, Python, .NET, or TestStand.

System Setup

Shorten Measurement Cycle Time

Achieve best-in-class execution times with increased parallelism and technologies unique to NI, such as customizable FPGA firmware for advanced signal processing.

Reduce System Footprint

Take back valuable lab space with a compact form factor that allows you to fit hundreds or thousands of high-performance instrument channels in a fraction of the space.

Synchronize Complex Measurements

Perform complex multi-instrument routines seamlessly with powerful timing and synchronization capabilities integrated into the PXI backplane.

Evolve with Changing Requirements

Choose from more than 1,500 PXI instrument modules— from DC to mmWave—as you build or expand your system to meet current and future measurement requirements.

With our new platform based on PXI, we’ve maintained both measurement and performance integrity while achieving 3X cost reduction and 10X improvement in semiconductor validation throughput.

Ray Morgan

Product Line Manager

ON Semiconductor 

Soliton TechnologiesSpecialty Partner

Soliton provides highly differentiated services to global semiconductor and enterprise customers of NI. The company specializes in developing purpose-built platform solutions for post-silicon validation to substantially improve engineering productivity through powerful tools and standardization.

An engineer from Soliton Technologies validates a mixed signal IC

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