Interactively Controlling Switches Course Overview

This course covers an introduction to switches and the process for setting up switches in your system, as well as more advanced topics, system maintenance, and common troubleshooting recommendations.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number: 1.0


Closed Captions Available in the Following Languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese

Course Details:

Interactively Controlling Switches Course Outline


Exploring NI Switches​

Learning the function and role of switches.

  • What Is the Purpose of Switches?
  • Switch Characteristics
  • Exploring Types of Switches
  • Why NI Switches?

Selecting the Right Switch Module​

Exploring considerations for various switch applications and distinguishing the correct switch for your application.

  • Topology​
  • Low-Current, Low-Power Switching​
  • High-Power Switching​
  • High-Frequency Switching​

Connecting Your Switch Module

Setting up and connecting your NI switch hardware.​

  • Connecting Your Switch Module to Your PXI Chassis​
  • Connecting Other Hardware to Your Switch​

Validating the Connection in NI MAX

Using NI MAX to ensure your NI switch is set up correctly.

  • Using NI MAX to Test the NI Switch Module
  • Using NI Switch Software Front Panel from NI MAX​
  • Testing a Switch Connection​

Controlling Switches Programmatically

Learning how to programmatically control switches in LabVIEW, Switch Executive, and TestStand.

  • Using NI-SWITCH in LabVIEW
  • Using a Switch including Third-Party Switches in NI Switch Executive​
  • Controlling Switches in TestStand​

Safety Considerations​

Implementing procedures to ensure safety when using switches.

  • Isolation
  • Clearance and Creepage


Learning methods of switch synchronization.

  • Types of Synchronization
  • Demonstrating Synchronizing with a DMM​

Advanced Topics​

Performing advanced procedures with switches.

  • Using N-Wire Switching
  • Learning about Switch Expansion​
  • Learning about Matrix Expansion​

Measurement Considerations​

Exploring considerations of AC and DC measurements.

  • Exploring AC and RF Considerations​
  • Exploring DC Considerations​

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Performing basic maintenance and troubleshooting to preserve the functionality of the switch.

  • Exploring Switch Counts
  • Exploring Relay Lifetimes
  • Using Built-In NI Switch Health Centers
  • Using the Software Panel for Individual Channel Validation
  • Repairing Your NI Switch Module

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