Reduce Risk for Automated Test Set Development

Engineers creating production test solutions for board electronics, system controllers, and electromechanical systems need to reduce the cost and risk associated with developing and maintaining automated test sets (ATSs) that must last the life cycle of the asset. Future-proofing the software architecture can account for the inevitability of instrumentation obsolescence. The key requirements for a solution like this are:


  • A modular software architecture and reusable libraries to accelerate development across multiple projects and programs.
  • Collaboration features for numerous and often geographically dispersed developers who are working in multiple languages.
  • Minimal time and risk involved in adding new system capabilities or managing obsolete instrumentation.

Aerospace and Defense Electronics Manufacturing Test Solution

  • Instrument-specific drivers, APIs, and configuration tools enable quick and direct control of instruments to customize test parameters.
  • Solution features help you unify displays, export instrument configurations to code, and monitor and debug TPSs.
  • A programming environment like LabVIEW and LabWindows™/CVI helps you visualize your application including hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging.
  • TestStand, high-level test executive software for automating complex test sequences written in many development languages, optimizes test development times.
  • SystemLink™ software enables the management of software deployment, device configuration, health and test monitoring, and data management and visualization.

Solution Advantages

"The innovative LM-STAR approach to standardized test system development based on COTS software has yielded many cost-saving benefits for [Lockheed Martin], harmonization suppliers, and the US government."

Robert Dixon, Lockheed Martin STS


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Services and Support

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