Steve Warntjes

Vice President of R&D, PXI Platform and Modular Instruments

As vice president of R&D for the PXI platform and modular instruments, Steve Warntjes leads the continued advancement of the PXI platform, which consists of chassis, embedded controllers, and remote controllers. Warntjes also leads ongoing improvements to modular instrument measurement products, including digitizers, signal generators, digital multimeters, high-speed digital I/O, switching, power supplies, source measure units, and FlexRIO.


Warntjes joined NI in 2010 as the director of modular instruments for R&D. Prior to NI, he spent 24 years working in the test and measurement industry, including serving in leadership roles at Hewlett Packard and Agilent.


Warntjes holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a focus on computer science and mathematics from South Dakota State University.