Omid Sojoodi

Senior Vice President of R&D, Software

As senior vice president of R&D for software, Omid Sojoodi leads the continued advancement and development of NI software, including LabVIEW.


Sojoodi joined NI in 1993 and spent six years working on LabVIEW and making significant contributions in many areas of the product. From 1999 to 2003, he was an employee and development manager at @hand Corporation, where he developed a platform for building, deploying, and managing applications that run on handheld devices that need data from and connectivity to enterprise systems. Sojoodi returned to NI in 2003 and has since held leadership roles across R&D.


Sojoodi is the inventor or coinventor of 10 patents and holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and psychology from Duke University and a master’s degree in computer science from The University of Texas at Austin.