Paul Horton

Senior Vice President of Global Operations and Post-Sales Services

As senior vice president of global operations and post-sales services, Paul Horton is responsible for operationalizing one of the largest organizations at NI, encompassing sales and customer operations, partner and digital operations, services and support operations, and post-sales and maintenance services attached to hardware, software, and education. He oversees strategic sales planning and functions essential to NI’s sales teams and the customer buying process, and he’s highly regarded as a leader in the industry with a world-class business and financial acumen.


Paul joined NI in 2018. Prior to NI, he gained a wealth of experience in global finance, information solutions, and sales operations while at General Motors, Electronic Data Systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services, and DXC Technology (CSC and HP Enterprise Services merger). He most recently served as the vice president of global sales operations at DXC where he led project teams that designed the new company’s sales organization, processes, and compensation plans.


Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in business administration from Michigan State University.