Getting Started with SystemLink

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The following resources are available to assist customers and evaluators with installing, configuring, and developing solutions with SystemLink.  Product capabilities include:

  • Connect distributed systems to a central web application for administration and remote configuration.
  • Deploy software to one or multiple connected systems, with component-level update capabilities.
  • Visualize systems, tests, and data with customer-defined dashboards.
  • Monitor system health and configure alarms and notifications.
  • Collect test results data for centralized monitoring and reporting.


Primary Technical Resources

Software Downloads

Download and install SystemLink using the NI Package Manager.  This desktop utility is available to manage NI software installations, including SystemLink, LabVIEW NXG, TestStand, and NI drivers.  Install SystemLink Server on your host PC, or central management server and SystemLink Client on hardware targets that you want to manage with your server. 

Online Manuals

Reference this online documentation to install and configure SystemLink product components.  The manuals also include step-by-step instructions for using product features, such as software deployment, health monitoring, and data collection.

Support Forum

Visit the SystemLink Support Forum to post any issues that you experience with installation or product usage.  SystemLink support engineers and R&D teams monitor this forum.

Tutorial Videos

Visit our YouTube channel to view instructional videos that provide walk-throughs for getting started and working with SystemLink.


Learn how to set up and configure SystemLink licensing through an approved volume license manager.

NI Package Management Portal

Find helpful content, tutorials, and tools for working with NI Packager Manager and packages. Specific resources include getting started tutorials, FAQ content, and LabVIEW APIs.


Creating Software Packages

Packages for Windows OS

  • LabVIEW: Build package-based installers for LabVIEW applications (EXEs), libraries, and source distributions using a new Build Specification option (“Package”).  With LabVIEW versions earlier than LabVIEW 2018, you must install the LabVIEW Package Builder from NI Package Manager.
  • TestStand: With TestStand 2017, users can build package-based distributions using the TestStand Deployment Utility.
  • NI Package Builder:  For general-purpose package building of Windows software, including non-NI-software, customers can use the NI Package Builder (currently in Beta).
  • Command-Line Automation:Use the NI Package Manager command-line interface to automate the creation of packages for any software components. 

Packages for NI Linux Real-Time


Using SystemLink APIs

For API options and supported programs, reference the SystemLink online manuals.

  • LabVIEW Examples for Skyline Data Services: Find examples for SystemLink data services in the form of Tags, Files, and Messages.  You can find examples in the LabVIEW Example Finder (Help > Find Examples) by searching for “Skyline” or browsing to Hardware Input and Output > Skyline.
  • Web Service APIs: Consult this documentation to learn about the RESTful Web Service APIs that you can use to interact programmatically with SystemLink.


Adding WebVIs and Custom Web App Plug-ins

This github page provides instructions and sample code for incorporating WebVIs developed in the LabVIEW NXG Web Module, as well as non-LabVIEW JavaScript applications.



The NI Badge program helps you to accelerate learning and promote your accomplishments.  NI offers customers the opportunity to achieve SystemLink Badges in the following areas:

Installation and Set-up

Configuration and Deployment


Supported Platforms & Supported Software

  • SystemLink Server
    Windows Server: 2012 R2, 2016
    Windows PC: Windows 7+
  • SystemLink Clients (Targets)
    NI PXI: Windows 7+
    NI CompactRIO: NI Linux RT 2017
    Windows PC: Windows 7+


*SystemLink 18.x requires 64-bit versions of Windows and Windows Server


SystemLink Data Management

In addition to the systems, test, and asset management capabilities covered by these materials, the SystemLink product family also includes software tools for data mining and automated report generation.  To learn about the installation and setup of these products, consult this tutorial.




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