What Are PXI Oscilloscopes?

PXI Oscilloscopes are flexible, software‐defined instruments that are versatile enough for both time‐ and frequency‐domain measurements and feature numerous triggering modes, deep onboard memory, and a driver software API that includes data streaming and analysis functions.

InstrumentStudio™ Interactive Software

PXI Oscilloscopes are shipped with an interactive soft front panel called InstrumentStudio for ready-to-run configuration and measurements. You can also monitor and debug the instrument in parallel with running code.

Synchronized Instruments

PXI Oscilloscopes use the inherent timing and synchronization capabilities of the PXI platform to serve applications requiring high channel density. Using hardware-timed triggers over the PXI backplane, they can also handshake with other types of instruments in the chassis.

Automated Single-Record Fetches

NI’s oscilloscopes include an interactive soft front panel for full out-of-the-box functionality and a best-in-class API for automated measurements with full control over numerous measurement types, trigger modes, vertical and horizontal settings, and more.

Automated Multi-Record Fetches

PXI Oscilloscopes feature deep onboard memory, capable of storing multiple acquisitions from single channels or parallel acquisitions from multiple channels on the same device, and also benefit from the high-speed streaming capabilities of the PXI platform.

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