Condition Monitoring

Machine condition monitoring can help your organization stop unscheduled outages, optimize machine performance, and reduce repair time and maintenance costs. National Instruments provides both online embedded condition-based monitoring systems and more powerful factory test systems. NI hardware and software is being used right now in condition monitoring systems deployed on a variety of turbines, compressors, generators, and other industrial machines.

Machine Condition Monitoring

  • Platforms for portable, distributed, and factory test monitoring
  • Open architectures for a wide variety of sensor inputs and analysis algorithms
  • Compatibility with existing hardware and control systems

Oil and Gas Condition Monitoring

  • Solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream monitoring
  • Easy integration with a variety of sensors for turbomachinery monitoring
  • Advanced software that provides powerful analysis functions such as order analysis and envelope detection

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

  • Low cost of entry for up-tower, embedded, online monitoring
  • High-performance, high-channel-count systems for efficient dynamometer and factory assurance testing
  • Embedded processing for real-time signal analysis, data logging, and control

Distributed Monitoring Architectural Reference Guide

Learn how to use off-the-shelf technologies to overcome the challenges of embedded applications required to operate autonomously. Analyze machine health, predict failure, and reduce equipment downtime.

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Machine Condition Monitoring Webcast Series

View a series of short webcasts about industry trends, the future of condition monitoring, and how engineers are implementing these systems.

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Machine Condition Monitoring Solution Partners

Learn about NI Alliance Partners that can help you customize your system or provide vibration consultant services.

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