Condition Monitoring for Industrial Assets

Improve uptime and operations with intelligent data screening at the edge and productive analysis tools using the most open machine health data collection system on the market.

Improve Predictive Maintenance for Power Generation

With new technologies for online monitoring, you can improve uptime and reduce cost by connecting turbines and other plant assets to an integrated data-centric software solution.

Prevent Equipment Failures in the Field

Detect failures before they impact safety or business operations. Today’s connected condition monitoring systems for heavy equipment and rail need to combine sensor flexibility, processing performance, and rugged packaging.

Add Days of Production to Your Operation

Predicting failure can mean the difference between unplanned work stoppage and a profitable quarter. Make the most of planned downtime with online monitoring systems that improve visibility of machine health.

Advantages of the NI Approach

Industry-Leading Data Access

Get full access to all data acquired with NI tools for forensic analysis, post processing, export, storage, or any other operational use.

Open Software

Add custom analysis and data from third-party hardware, and connect to existing software as needed with APIs, communication protocols, and a software development kit.

Any Asset, Any Measurement

Get the data you need to make better business decisions. Connect any asset and measure any type of sensor or signal with NI modular hardware.