Inspecting Your Data in NI DIAdem


Use DIAdem VIEW to visualize your data by overlaying traces and zooming and scrolling through them to locate points of interest.



Inspecting Your Data

Interactively inspecting test data is critical to understanding what takes place during a test. Often you know just by looking at the data if the test is a success or failure. In addition, the ability to overlay several test runs and visually correlate the results gives you the insight necessary to make key decisions. In DIAdem VIEW, you visually inspect your data and draw conclusions by interacting with it in tabular and graphical forms. You use scroll and zoom cursors to identify peaks and features in your data and different cursor options to graphically delete, fit, or copy ranges of data.


Key Data Inspection Features

  • Create custom layouts to display data in a way that makes the most sense for you
  • Synchronize data with video, 3D models, sound playback, GPS map displays, and more 
  • Correlate frames with measurement data, play back in real time, or move cursors interactively to compare data to video images
  • Choose from 2D axis systems and data tables for data display
  • Use zoom and scroll cursors to interactively inspect data
  • Mark areas of data traces for copying, deleting, or curve fitting
  • Use graph legends to display cursor-related data point values and data properties
  • Create VIEW layouts with unlimited numbers of pages
  • Visualize, zoom, scroll, and compare traces
  • Save your VIEW layouts for future reuse

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