NI Leadership

Find biographies, photos, and awards of the NI executive team.

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Dr. James Truchard

President, CEO, and Cofounder

Dr. James Truchard cofounded NI. He continues to lead the company today with the same entrepreneurial mindset and innovative nature that led to its inception.

Jeff Kodosky

Cofounder and NI Business and Technology Fellow

Jeff Kodosky revolutionized test, control, and embedded design application development with the invention of NI LabVIEW software.

Financial Management

Alex Davern

COO, CFO, and Executive Vice President

Research and Development

Scott Rust

Senior Vice President, R&D

Duncan Hudson

Chief Platform Officer

Sales and Marketing Management

Eric Starkloff

Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing

Sales, Segments, and Services

Francis Griffiths

Senior Vice President, Regional Sales and Marketing

Pete Zogas

Senior Vice President, Segments and Services

Vice Presidents and Fellows

General and Administrative

Mark Finger

Vice President, Global Human Resources

David Hugley

Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary

Andrew Krupp

Vice President, Quality and Continuous Improvement

Arleene Porterfield

Vice President, Global Information Technology

Rob Porterfield

Vice President, Manufacturing

John Roiko

Vice President, Finance

Research and Development

Jin Bains

Vice President, RF R&D

Jon Bellin

Vice President, Software Operations R&D

Robert Canik

Vice President, PXI Platforms and Instrumentation R&D

Kevin Schultz

Vice President of R&D for Embedded Systems

Keith Odom

R&D Fellow


John Graff

Vice President, Corporate Marketing

John Pasquarette

Vice President, eBusiness and Marketing Operations

Kevin Ilcisin

Vice President, Product Marketing

Mike Santori

Vice President, Product Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Stefano Concezzi

Vice President, Global Automotive Initiative

Ajit Gokhale

Vice President, East Asia

Owen Golden

Vice President, Global Energy Segment

David Loadman

Vice President, Mobile Device Test

Victor Mieres

Vice President of Emerging Markets

Robert Morton

Vice President, Europe

Tony Vento

Vice President, Systems Assurance and Partners

Ron Wolfe

Vice President, Semiconductor Test