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NI LabVIEW Academy

The LabVIEW Academy program provides academic institutions with a classroom curriculum package that supports both credit and noncredit courses. LabVIEW Academy is for anyone seeking LabVIEW education and knowledge through an academic institution over the course of a semester. After completing the program, students have the opportunity, knowledge, and tools to attempt the Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) exam.

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Student Benefits

Diversify Your Skill Set

Learn the skills to program in LabVIEW.

Boost Your Resume With LabVIEW Certification

Add LabVIEW Academy and the CLAD designation to your resume.

Expand Your Network

Connect with a community of students, faculty, and professionals who know LabVIEW and are seeking individuals with LabVIEW skills.

Train With Professional Educators

Study LabVIEW in a classroom environment with professors who have experience in teaching and research.

Institution Benefits

Equip Students to Succeed

Give students access to industry-standard tools they can use in classes, labs, and beyond.

Gain LabVIEW Academy Recognition

Receive recognition on for being an official LabVIEW Academy.

Access Learning Materials

Gain access to LabVIEW Core 1 and 2 curriculums reserved for industry classes and the LabVIEW Academy program.

Reduce Time for Course Development

Use NI-recommended syllabuses and complementary hardware to develop courses quickly.

Next Steps

Find a LabVIEW Academy Near You

Contact the school nearest you to participate in the LabVIEW Academy program.

Topics Covered in a LabVIEW Academy

See a sample schedule and topics covered in a standard LabVIEW Academy course.

How to Become a LabVIEW Academy

Learn requirements to join the LabVIEW Academy program.

LabVIEW Academy Community

Share experiences and ask questions in a community of LabVIEW Academy instructors and students.