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NI X Series Multifunction Data Acquisition

X Series devices for USB, PCI Express, and PXI Express are the most advanced multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) devices ever designed by NI. They feature significant improvements in onboard timing and triggering and optimizations for use with multicore PCs. X Series DAQ devices integrate high-performance analog, digital, and counter/timer functionality onto a single device, making them well-suited for a broad range of applications, from basic data logging to control and test automation.

What Is X Series?

With enhanced onboard timing, triggering, data streaming, and driver software, X Series devices make it possible to execute measurement tasks in parallel at both the hardware and software levels.

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What Can I Do with X Series?

You can easily program and customize X Series devices to address a wide variety of science and engineering applications, from simple data logging to control and test automation.

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How Do I Upgrade?

NI has designed X Series devices so that you can easily integrate them into your data acquisition systems by reusing your application software, cables, and connector blocks.

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