The Automated Test Outlook: 2012

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The Automated Test Outlook is a comprehensive view of key technologies and methodologies impacting the test and measurement industry. We’ve found that one of the biggest challenges for test engineers and managers is staying current on technology trends. National Instruments offers a broad knowledge of technology trends and interaction with companies across many sectors, which gives us a unique vantage point on the test and measurement market. This view has enabled us to be a strategic partner with many of our key customers in identifying trends and industry best practices. For 2012, we highlight five major trends we believe will significantly influence automated test in the coming one to three years.

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The Five Trends in Test

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Organizations are elevating test engineering to a strategic asset to gain a competitive edge over the competition.

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Combining sophisticated models with real-world measurements improves product quality and reduces development time.

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The high-speed, low-latency bus internal to the PC is empowering new system topologies with external interface enhancements.  

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The fact of a “smartphone in every pocket and a tablet in every bag” is changing how test systems are being controlled and monitored. 

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New tools are making it possible for measurement IP to be developed once and then deployed to a wide array of disparate processing elements.

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