FLEXlm Setup for Enterprise Agreements

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This webcast will help a software administrator set up a licensing server for an Enterprise Agreement using FlexNet Publisher (formerly FLEXlm) and LMTools. 

Demonstrations and relevant information are presented to detail the following components of the process.

Comparison of FLEXlm to NI Volume License Manager
Licensing options for networked and offline licenses
Requesting a license file
Resources and steps to configure LMTools and start the server
Distributing software to end users
Quarterly usage reporting

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  • 10 minute webcast
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Customer Reviews
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Would prefer written instructions  - Sep 3, 2015

While a webcast of instructions is useful for getting an overview of how to perform the action, it is much easier to actually perform the action with written instructions. With written instructions I can refer to each step as I go and work at my own pace. With a webcast I have to scroll back and forth through the video, pausing the video as I execute each step, and then scrolling back if I go in and it works different than I initially understood.

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