Duke Energy Asset Monitoring

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Bernie Cook, director of Maintenance and Diagnostics at Duke Energy; Brian Hollingshaus, senior project manager at the Electric Power Research Institute; and Kamalina Srikant, NI market development manager, discuss their companies’ collaboration to advance the power generation industry by highlighting an end-to-end solution for plant-wide machine condition monitoring of large energy production assets.  

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excellent approach, but more cost effective systems abound  - Jan 4, 2017

This is a great start, but many wireless systems would have cut the time and cost of implementation to 1/10th of the likely cost of this system. Lower costs and more valuable features with a system such as www.waiteswireless.com

Excellent presentation and a trend that must be followed for industry to be compeitive and assure safety  - Jun 15, 2015

Please see article published in the Public Utilities Fortnightly that pertain to the subject. Correlation Processing. February 2014 Issue of PUF. http://media.wix.com/ugd/9da8fd_f97692cda2454e938d7f37b69547615c.pdf Wireless Sensor Technology. July 2014 Issue of PUF. http://media.wix.com/ugd/9da8fd_d9029162d9b148ef913a8c3fb5d2fe5c.pdf

Effectively showed how you could save money and time with monitoring hardware in the field.   - May 11, 2015

Good at giving a high level explanation and at the same time extra info on pattern matching to show how you can make an educated guess on what the issues are.

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