VeriStand Getting Started Videos

About This Series of Demos

VeriStand is a software environment for creating real-time testing applications more efficiently. Its out-of-the-box functionality and short learning curve help you get up and running faster. This series of videos demonstrates some of the features of VeriStand and provides you with an introduction to the VeriStand environment.


Adding Real-Time Hardware I/O Interfaces to VeriStand

Configure real-time I/O interfaces for high-speed data acquisition, vehicle networks, and FPGA-based reconfigurable I/O.

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Importing Control Software and Plant Models to VeriStand

Import control algorithms and plant models into your VeriStand system configuration and connect them to real-time hardware I/O.

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Creating Deterministic Calculated Channels for VeriStand

Build user-defined channels that can include calculations based on other channels.

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Building a User Interface With the VeriStand Workspace

Interact with a deployed VeriStand system definition using a run-time editable user interface that includes many ready-to-use tools.

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Creating VeriStand Real-Time Stimulus Profiles

Create sophisticated test profiles using the new stimulus profile editor that can be deployed to the VeriStand Real-Time Engine.

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Performing Sophisticated Tests Using Real-Time Sequences

Learn about the advanced functionality available in the Stimulus Profile Editor.

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