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PXI Programmable Power Supply

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2-Channel, 8 V, ±3 A PXI Programmable Power Supply—The PXIe‑4154 is a specialized programmable power supply for battery simulation. It is designed to simulate a lithium‑ion battery cell’s transient speed, output resistance, and 2‑quadrant operation (source/sink). Critical to many RF and wireless applications, the simulator’s fast transient response time allows it to rapidly respond to changes in load current with minimal voltage dip, which makes the PXIe‑4154 ideal for powering devices under test (DUTs) such as RF power amplifiers, cellular handsets, and a variety of other mobile devices. To model the behavior of a battery more accurately, you can use the onboard programmable output resistance to simulate a battery’s internal resistance. For quiescent and standby current measurements, the PXIe‑4154 features integrated current measurement.

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