PXI Analog Input Module

Life Cycle Status: Mature | Last Orderable Date: 27.09.2018

16-Bit, 8-Channel, 200 kS/s, ±10 V Isolated PXI Analog Input Module —The PXI­-4224 is a channel­to­channel isolated module with built-in signal conditioning. The PXI­-4224 isolation ensures accurate, safe measurements even in the presence of high common-mode voltages. It is an ideal solution for a broad variety of applications including isolated thermocouple measurements, multichannel data logging, and fuel cell and battery test. The PXI-­4224 provides 60 VDC (42 Vrms) CAT I channel­to­channel isolation and offers programmable gain settings per channel to ensure maximum measurement accuracy. The included NI-­DAQmx driver simplifies hardware configuration and measurement automation.

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